How to make millions of money in GTA 5

Hello, GTA lovers and gamers! Today, we have something amazing for you. We have compiled some of the best methods through which you can make millions of money and RP in GTA 5. These methods are 100% legit and tried and tested by our team of gamers. Don’t worry we are not going to sell you some GTA 5 Money hack or cheats instead we are going to debunk some of the sites that claim to have tools that can make you a millionaire in GTA 5. So, without any more of this boring introduction let’s dive straight into the real thing!

How hard making money in GTA 5 is?

Well, you might be thinking that GTA players having humungous amounts of money and RP in their account must be real pros and must have put a lot of effort and time in earning these bucks.

But this is far from the truth. You don’t have to be a hard worker in order to earn a lot of GTA 5 money. The formula for making a huge amount of money in GTA 5 is

GTA 5 Money = Patience + Smartness

So, being smart and patient is going to help in the long run in GTA 5. On we can’t teach you how to develop patience but we can surely teach you some smart ways of making money in GTA 5. Let me tell you one thing, it’s not going to be easy for sure. But our methods will give you a direction which you can follow to become a millionaire in GTA 5. Wanna know about these methods? Let’s start with our first method.

#1 GTA 5 Heists

The most common and most widely used money making method in GTA 5 is to grind heists. Just go to any forum and ask “How to make money in GTA 5?” and 9 out of 10 people will suggest you to perform heists. As we all know, heists are the set of missions that are completed together by a group of players. A group can contain a maximum of 4 players one is the leader and other 3 are members of the group. Currently, there are 8 heists that you can enjoy in the GTA 5 game. Let’s have a look at them and see how much money you can make after successfully accomplishing them.

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The Flecca Job

  1. Number of players required – 2
  2. Setup cost – $11,500
  3. Potential take: –
  • Easy – $57,500
  • Normal – $115,000
  • Hard – $143,750

The Prison Break

  1. Number of players required – 4
  2. Setup cost – $40,000
  3. Potential take: –
  • Easy – $200,000
  • Normal – $400,000
  • Hard – $500,000

The Humane Labs Raids

  1. Number of players required – 4
  2. Setup cost – $54,000
  3. Potential take: –
  • Easy – $270,000
  • Normal – $540,000
  • Hard – $675,000

Series A Funding

  1. Number of players required – 4
  2. Setup cost – $40,400
  3. Potential take: –
  • Easy – $202,000
  • Normal – $404,000
  • Hard – $505,000

The Pacific Standard

  1. Number of players required – 4
  2. Setup cost – $100,000
  3. Potential take: –
  • Easy – $500,000
  • Normal – $1,000,000
  • Hard – $1,250,000

The Data Breaches

  1. Number of players required – 2 to 4
  2. Setup cost – $65,000
  3. Potential take: –
  • Easy – NA
  • Normal – $650,000
  • Hard – $812,500

The Bogdan Problem

  1. Number of players required – 2 to 4
  2. Setup cost – $95,000
  3. Potential take: –
  • Easy – NA
  • Normal – $950,000
  • Hard – $1,187,500

The Doomsday Scenario

  1. Number of players required -2 to 4
  2. Setup cost – $120,000
  3. Potential take: –
  • Easy – NA
  • Normal – $950,000
  • Hard – $1,500,000

So, as you can see completing these heists can help you earn a lot of money. The best part about heists is that you can try them again and again until you complete them perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Get started!

#2 Daily Objectives

You can’t even imagine how many GTA 5 players ignore daily objectives and then think why they are not making money as others do. According to me, completing daily objectives is the easiest way to earn money. Completing daily objectives is a no-brainer and will make you a lot of GTA 5 money without spending much of your time. Just by completing three daily objectives you can make approximately $25,000.

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If you complete all three daily objectives 7 days in a row then you can make $100,000 for completing the daily objectives on the 7th day. Complete daily objectives for 30 days in a row and get $500,000 bonus on the 30th day. Isn’t that easy? All you need is to be consistent and you can make a ton of GTA 5 money in few days. If you complete daily objectives consistently for a month then you can become a millionaire as these daily objectives will give you a total of $GTA 1,580,000!

#3 Client Jobs

Another easy way to make some quick GTA 5 money. Client Jobs were added in the update of 14th August 2018. Completing all the GTA 5 Client Jobs can make you a millionaire. Client jobs are GTA 5 missions given to you by Paige Harris through her touchscreen computer terminal.

how to make money in gta 5

There are six client jobs available in GTA 5. These are: –

  1. Robbery in progress
  2. Data Sweep
  3. Targeted Data
  4. Diamond Shopping
  5. Collector’s pieces
  6. Deal Breaker

The best thing about client jobs is that they are so easy that you can complete them on your own without the help of any partner. Only the last two client jobs will require you to have a partner. These client jobs are pretty straightforward and won’t take much of your time. There is a cooldown period of 2 minutes after you complete a client job. You can’t take any other client job in this cooldown period. Also, you can’t try the same client job again before 30 minutes of cooldown period.

#4 Time Trials

If you want to make $50,000+ in few minutes then time trials are just made for you! Currently, there are 22 time-trials available in GTA 5 that you can try. Completing all of them will take only a few minutes and will make you a millionaire easily. You will find hundreds of videos on YouTube that will show you the best way of completing a time trial in the most time efficient way. You can follow them and watch your GTA 5 balance rise.

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#5 Import/Exports

As you can see there is no shortage of money making methods in GTA 5. Import/Export is one of the great ways of making money in GTA 5. Importing/Exporting stolen cars can bring you a huge amount of money but only if done in the right manner otherwise you can even lose money. Having a mate or two with you will increase your profits as it will be easier for you to sell multiple vehicles in one go. If you don’t want to lose money in Import/Exports then use this trick to only deal with high range vehicles.

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So, when you source a new vehicle you get a message about the price range of that vehicle. It can be a standard, mid, or high range. The higher the price range the more profit you are going to make. As soon as you hit the source button you will get that message and if you went for stealing the vehicle and sold it then you will be sent into a cooldown period. But the trick here is to find a new session as soon as you get the message saying that the car you are trying to steal is in standard or low range. As you didn’t start the mission you will not be sent into the cooldown period. Keep repeating this until you get a car with a high price range.

Don’t fall for the GTA 5 Hack/Generators trap!

This is not a money-making trick but might save you from getting scammed online. If you are playing GTA 5 money from a long time you must have come across websites that claim about providing you with thousands and millions of GTA 5 money and RP for absolutely free! All you have to do is use their GTA 5 Hack tool or what they call “GTA 5 Money and RP Generator”.

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Unfortunately (or fortunately), it’s not that easy to hack into GTA 5 servers and increase someone’s GTA 5 money and RP. So, I will advise you to stay away from websites that claim to have these kinds of GTA 5 hack or generators. Below are the reasons why you should not trust these kinds of GTA 5 Hack tools and stay away from them.

  1. Waste of time and sometimes even money: In order to use these tools you need to complete a survey or what they call “human verification tests”. The owners of the site make you complete a survey or sign up for offers which can cost you money. Also, not to forget that it takes around 10-15 minutes to complete a survey.
  2. Site owners make thousands of bucks: The site owners make a fortune because of the surveys that YOU fill. If their visitors are from countries like US, France, UK etc. the owners can make around 2$-20$ per survey.
  3. You should not cheat in general: The fact that you are trying to search for a GTA 5 hack explains that maybe you are not that good in the game. Resorting to cheats and hacks will spoil the gameplay of other GTA 5 gamers that will come into your contact. Don’t be a loser, play honestly without using any cheats or hack tools.

#6 Bodyguard Job

Becoming a bodyguard of a VIP is a stable way of making money in GTA 5. By becoming a bodyguard you can make $GTA 5k every 15 minutes. Not to forget the additional money you can earn by completing VIP jobs and challenges. As you get a fixed wage with pretty lucrative VIP work this method of making money in GTA 5 is definitely worth a try.

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#7 Invest in Stock Market

You can really make a huge amount of money in the Stock Market. All you need is a few methods of altering stock prices at your will. In our post, we have discussed these methods in detail. So, this is how it goes.

You buy a stock, cause damage to rival companies and enjoy the profits. Or you can cause damage to a company’s products like blowing them up and then when the prices of the company’s stocks plummet just simply go and buy the stock and wait for it to jump back to its normal position. We have described these methods in detail in our post. Do read it.

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Final Words

So, that’s it for this post! I hope you learned something new from here. As I mentioned in the starting of this post, making money in GTA 5 is not tough all you need is a sharp mind and patience. Using these two things you can make yourself a millionaire (maybe even a billionaire) very quickly. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you liked it. If you have any other money making methods in GTA 5 that you have explored then do share them in the comments section. Stay tuned for more such amazing GTA 5 articles. Thanks for reading.